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Très Précieux Sang

The Trilogy Tapes

TTT038 - Vinyl 12"

Année : 2016

Condition : Neuf

20,99 €
Julie Normal and Olivier Demeaux are Accident Du Travail. This is their debut album on the Trilogy Tapes label. They have been recording separately since 2009 and combine here for this bewitching set of drone music and post-classical meditation. At the core of Le Noir Pays is the early ‘electronic’ instrument Ondes Martenot, the oscillating organ pioneered by Olivier Messiaen in the pre-war minimalism movement and more recently by Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead and Roly Porter of Tri Angle fame. This gorgeous recording will have you trapped in a wormhole of evolving drones and organ breaths and shimmering electronics. Tipped for Bing and Ruth, Thomas Köner, Lawrence English followers.
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