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City EP

White Material

WM007 - Vinyl 12"

Année : 2016

Condition : Neuf

14,99 €
[ repress ] The White Material label could hardly be called prolific. Three years in, they've released just six EPs, though each of those was something of a gem, with multiple calls for represses. The latest White Material offering throws the spotlight on one of the collective's lesser heralded names in Alvin Aronson. Like much techno coming out of The Big Apple right now, Aronson seems inspired by the dual delights of bleak, industrial-influenced bangers, and more atmospheric, IDM and ambient influenced fare. Over the course of six tracks, he explores both thoroughly here, moving from the crystalline ambience of opener "Aevus", and eyes-closed electronica of "Fog City", to the metallic hits, buzzing electronics and hypnotic grooves of "Drone Techno" and "City 2".
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