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Black Patterns Vol. 1

Lobster Theremin

LT020 - Vinyl 12"

Année : 2016

Condition : Neuf

21,99 €
Black Patterns Vol. 1 is the full-length album release by Lobster Theremin regular Snow Bone, revealing a more spectrally destructive and experimental side through his Black Patterns moniker. The LP is a depositary for plaque-coated material culled from a series of experiments with his own ‘Oblique Strategies’ style limitations or ‘tasks’. This conceptually translates into eight raw-to-the-bone styles of techno, house, noise and electro, segueing through layers of blown-out sounds and scattered intricacies along the way.
The bulk of the material emerged from hardware jams with rudimentary editing, with Hare deliberately limiting the function and type of equipment used to dissuade over-thinking in the album process, achieving a rough-cut and rusted aesthetic.
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