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In Basements Vol 2

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams

DABJ 1218 - Vinyl 12"

Année : 2016

Condition : Neuf

13,99 €
Deep in the bowels of the Dixon Avenue basement lived a man so outrageously overweight we used him for a sofa. King Chubby, a suite chap but a bit cheeky. Said the only reason he was humpty dumpty was cause every time he rode yer maw she made him a sandwich. He tried dieting but nothing worked. We took drastic action and wired woofers direct to his lardy lugs with In Basements Vol 2 blasting in on repeat.
Thanks to the squelchy genius of tunes like Luna, Save It and Sneaking Out our big boned bro boogalooed himself skinny. He bopped till the weight dropped. King' Chubby's pumpalicious now and you can be to if you sign up to Casio Royale's latest DABJ dance diet plan.
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