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We Hear The Last Decades Dreaming

Groovement Organic Series

GOS 004LP - Vinyl LP

Année : 2020

Condition : Neuf

25,00 €
18 years later the world can finally listen to a new Chari Chari album: We Hear The Last Decades Dreaming. A sublime original collection of organic-electronic music filled with an exotic design in the middle of nowhere from japanese composer and producer, Kaoru Inoue.
The inspiration for the album came from Kaoru’s recent vinyl-digging fever, which has been rekindled after a long time since the beginning of his DJ career.
The influences such as contemporary music, minimal music, ethnic music, ambient, new age music, and avant-electronic music make this LP a totally blissful journey - psychedelic sound scroll led by the title itself that contains a will to break away from the rich culture and timelessness of the past decades, and a narrative that embraces the changing times.
This is a truly magical event in such an exceptional year in our lives. And again the East - West connection shows its spiritual magnetism to the world.
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