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The Reconstruction Of “Na Mele A Ka Haku"

EM Records ‎Japan

EM1141MLP - Vinyl 12"

Année : 2015

Condition : Neuf

21,99 €
Killer minimal electro-dub pressure from the far east: Koichi Matsunaga a.k.a. Compuma galvanises Frank Tavares' Hawaiian obscurity for the 'floor in three parts. Born from Tavares' '75 album, 'Na Mele A Ka Haku' - his ode to the island's original inhabitants and multi-ethnic diversity - Compuma's re-edit is more like a molecular reconstruction, filtering fragments of the original's voices and vibes in a dangerously hypnotic electro-dub-house framework prone to some wild oscillator chaos and tropical diversions.
The A-side is little shy of crucial for fans of freaky dance music; an eleven-and-a-half minute trip thru grubbing electro-bass and wheezing electronic spectres; The B-side slows down to the fudgy, squirming electro-hip hop of 'Bonus Beats' and an absolutely messed-up 'SCREWED Reprise Dub'.
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