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Dschung Tek

Music From Memory

MFM 038 - Vinyl 12"

Année : 2019

Condition : Neuf

16,00 €
Music From Memory deliver feverish 1992 Eurohouse from German drummer (and producer for Nina Hagen) Curt Cress, with reissue of his sole foray into ‘90s dance music backed with three tracks off his debut 1983 album

The real gold is all in the remasters of Cress’ 1992 single ‘Dschung Tek’, which arrives fronded by bird calls and cicadas, then works itself into a proper house lather with swingeing bassline and Cress’ killer percussion, wickedly edited with whipcrack punctuation, buzzing bees and elephant calls to super playful, charming effect. Totally the kind of thing you’d expect to hear sunburnt germans stomping to in Goa circa ’92.

The B-side tracks are cool, too. ’Sundance’ catches him knocking out power toms around slinkier melodic fills, alongside the swaggering syncopations of ‘Power Vein’, and the wonky width of ‘Flying High’.
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