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The Loud Silence


FUR 058 - Vinyl 2LP

Année : 2015

Condition : Neuf

22,00 €
Donato Dozzy's previous album, Sintetizzatrice, made beautiful, avant-garde music out of chopped-up and manipulated vocals. For The Loud Silence, he's attempted to do similar with the "marranzano", better known as the humble mouth harp or Jew's Harp. The instrument's distinctive twang can be heard throughout the album, providing inspiration for trippy, droning ambience ("Personal Rock"), glitchy electronica ("The Net"), abstract techno ("Downhill To The Sea", whose industrial influences are obvious), and triumphant, post-Orbital soundtrack electronica (closer "Exit The Acropolis", which is nothing less than superb). Of course, there are musty textures and off-kilter electronic textures throughout, too, but it's the alien-sounding mouth harp the draws Dozzy's disparate strands together.
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