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Void EP

Berceuse Heroique

BH 055 - Vinyl 2LP

Année : 2018

Condition : Neuf

20,00 €
Black Merlin gnashes at the ‘floor agin for Berceuse Heroique after sunning his ass in Indonesia

Tacking back to the dance via weirder outposts, the British artist stretches out between signature, oily EBM, hypnotic ambience and viscous modular roil on the ‘Void’ EP.

The first plate is smeared with the pendulous triplet rhythms and intoxicating reverb dynamics of ‘Void’, and the proper darkroom impulse of ‘Machine’, while the 2nd plate delivers the cranky industrial slug of ‘R24’ before dieting sidelong into the ritualistic modular synth styles, art best in the star-eyed kiss-off ‘Mod’.
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