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Folktales 001


FOLKTALES001 - Vinyl 12"

Année : 2016

Condition : Neuf

11,99 €
“Gentlemen, this is a leap year; therefore it is a year and a day since our last annual meeting.” - The Hell Club, Glasgow.

And so the mysterious sales notes introduce this brand new label, wrapped in an occultist sleeve and delivering very little information on its content. I do know the quote above is taken from some 18th century group of devils calling themselves 'The Hell Club' (thanks, and that the music herein traverses similar sonic ley lines as Demdike Stare, Death Of Rave and Blackest Ever Black - ritual music for the witching hour, cloaked in darkness and more than sacrificing itself to pagan gods and old belief systems. After a long simmering session in the cauldron, "Sevennt7hree"'s bleak spells are dispersed by the Burial-esque dark garage of "Wounding Knife", coke can drums and a skewed rhythm carrying us through the wormwood quite nicely as razor sharp blows are delivered to the voodoo doll of our dancing bodies. "Sunken Native" on the flip conjures up images of fire, death and sacrifice. An ode to burning prisoners at the stake as people dance around merrily in circles, chanting and screaming for their souls. "Healing Knife" allows the listener a glimpse into the world of spirits and demons as unnatural sounds from alternative realities are beamed into range. Black magic references aside, there's some very sophisticated sonic alchemy going on here folks. Like the stuff you find on Bleep or Liberation Technologies given a thoroughly dark and evil rub down. It's the natural evolution of the death of rave taking us back to the clubs from whence we came. Finally, "Shadows Made Of Mercury" is the aptly titled finale, a morose ambient number pairing delicate piano notes with dusty found sounds and a mournful outlook. A thoroughly invigorating listen from start to finish this people, and a brilliant, nay, perfect statement of intent from these guys. If you're a fan of Demdike Stare, the occult, sophisticated sound design, hell even Autechre and Burial too even, there's something for you here! Pure evil throughout - and all the better for it. Recommended.

Helena Hauff - Lovely stuff! Really like the first song, beautiful!
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