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Let's Do It Again (Part 2)

Music For Freaks

MFF15002V - Vinyl 12"

Année : 2016

Condition : Neuf

11,99 €
For Let’s Do It Again 2….Ricardo Villalobos delivers his 2nd remix for the label (2 of 5 !) which he’s worked up, alongside studio partner Frank Greiner, into a confoundingly brilliant reworking of Eighties Throwback. Taking Freaks’ original and already twisted sounds and vocals and twisting them up even further into another 14 minute (in it’s edited form) piece of musical genius. Free of compromise and thus fitting the MFF ethos perfectly, the track is a wonderful example of Villalobos wildly experimental dexterity. This is for all those dedicated to their turntable and the love of an awe inspiring journey into sonics and beats. On the flip side you’ll find a record from the other side of the house planet… Boston disco inspired, Soul Clap rework Diz Washington’s vocals on the wonderful Washing Machine to funk them up to within an inch of their beautifully original understated life
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