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Mule Musiq

187 - Vinyl 2LP

Année : 2015

Condition : Neuf

23,99 €
Debonaire deep house class from Fred Peterkin, a.k.a. the Mariana trench of modern American house music. Appearing under a new handle, FP-Oner, the NYC native ploughs a fertile field of house music in 'Oner 5', one nourished on jazz, ambient electronics and African rhythms and subtly steeled with a slinky, minimal techno backbone. As the follow-up to his widely-adored 2010 release, 'The Incredible Adventures of Captain P', it follows his well-honed instincts with a refined sense of production economy and heads-down momentum but, not at the expense of his lusher intimations, clearly expressing a positive and quietly uplifting appeal that makes reams of tepid "deep" house seem throw-away by comparison.
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