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Open Up Your Heart


Eli.001 - Vinyl 12"

Année : 2012

Condition : Neuf

19,99 €
[ Last copy ] Fryer presents a super LTD audiophile "Direct Analogue Cut" of Ishola Mohammad - Open Up Your Heart. In a true labour of love and by asking a few favours we managed to do this the way all records should be made. Mat Winegarden Picked up the Original Tape Master in New York from Lenis Guess and sent it over to Scotland where an initial digital backup master was made, after which the original master flew with me to the might Timmion Cutting Lab in Helsinki, Finland. There we spent a day fine tuning a direct from master tape cut right to the Neumann VMS70 lathe without any unnecessary signal-path. We managed a super wide grooved loud cut onto 12 that has to be heard to be appreciated. This is the way 12" were made to sound their best in the late 70s/ early 80s and why they have not been matched since. This release will be super limited and only available in a few select stores. 500 COPIES ONLY
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