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Forgotten Ones

Esencia ‎

ESC003 - Vinyl LP

Année : 2019

Condition : Neuf

24,00 €
Much of the way in which the world operates today, at a human level, concerns exploitation, using another’s vulnerability for one’s own benefit, an idea so commonplace we only recognise its ill in the extremes. From reflection, to acceptance, to hope, Forgotten Ones delves into the contradictions of accepting the status quo while identifying it’s shortcomings.

These are the words from Culross Close, the K15 led quintet, to introduce us to their new six-track album, Forgotten Ones. Comprised of members Eli Emmanuel, May Goode, Nathaniel Jiddu, Hasani and of course top North London soul boy Anthony Kieron, it’s the group’s second full length to date, following from their 2016 debut Home, and Moments that came via Keiron’s Esencia imprint early last year.

A spiritual journey through jazz, hip hop, electronica and bossa nova, we catch up with K15 and crew as they share stories on the ideas, studio environments and sessions that led to the creation of Forgotten Ones.
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