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Floral Shoppe (Clear Vinyl)

Olde English Spelling Bee


Année : 2020

Condition : Neuf

48,00 €
Clear vinyl edition of Vektroid’s Vaporwave classic, Macintosh Plus’ Floral Shoppe (フローラルの専門店) now in stock, in our mitts, scorching our retinas.

Originally issued towards the start of the Vaporwave craze, in the wake of seminal early efforts by 0PN as KGB Man & Chuck Person, this album by Ramona Andra Xavier turned a playful idea into a formulaic and frankly pretty annoying style which has been riffed on by any kid with YouTube and a copy of audacity.

In some ways, that’s a great thing, but in others, it became a shit meme far too quickly, but has persisted this way ever since with little or no change to the formula. For our money, you’d be better off schooling yourself in DJ Screw, V/Vm and those early 0PN offshoots, but collectors and vape scene types surely won’t be able to resist this pink vinyl pressing - with poster - even if it means cutting down on avocados for a week or two (give the Chileans a break, eh?).
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