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The Gamble

R & S

RS1601LP - Vinyl 2LP

Année : 2016

Condition : Neuf

29,99 €
R&S throw a curveball our way with the debut recordings from nonkeen, the recording alias of long time friends Nils Frahm, Sebastian Singwald and Frederic Gmeiner. Titled The Gamble, this collaboration has laid forth a radiophonic mixture of dreamlike electro-acoustic instrumentation that has a startlingly familiar feel to it in the same way Boards Of Canada evokes memories of childhood. The tracks have a cinematic quality that blends influence and builds upon ideas laid down from film score techno, hazy guitar led drone and post-rock funk, fuzz 'n' drums, all committed to an array of tape machines. Nils has described The Gamble as the record of which his he is most proud, and we can confirm that it's a peak in his endlessly fascinating discography. The Gamble is the sound of three highly skilled musicians who, when combined, craft out pieces of timeless music that map out new directions to explore while keeping a familiarity that's gonna be a huge appeal to anyone into Broadcast, Erased Tapes and Jon Hopkins.
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