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Turkson Side

Other People ‎

OP029LP - Vinyl 12"

Année : 2015

Condition : Neuf

20,00 €
Mixtape-cum-collage-cum-dreamy sampledelia from a shady new enigma on Nicolas Jaar's Other People imprint. Beautifully Designed 1LP, 180g Vinyl Just waking up and everything sounding slower. Holes in the wall. The unknown in the familiar. The shock of the new. Just-turned rubble. Thick clouds of recall. Muted high-life, de-centered hip-hop, and disparate conversation. Heavy, sinking jazz and dissected infomercials. Too much chewing gum? Not quite anything, or half of something. Reminds me of. Smells like…? Turkson Side is Africanus Okokon’s first album. It is almost entirely sample-based, made largely within a simple, custom-made playback software with each track
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