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Take A Chance

T.K. Disco ‎

415 - Vinyl 12"

Année : 2014

Condition : Neuf

11,99 €
Released in 1979 Queen Samantha's "Take A Chance" has gone down in Disco history as an all time classic.
Produced by former Aphrodite's Child bassist Harris Halkitis and featuring elongated naked "DJ friendly" drum breaks and uplifting vocals and synths the record was sure to be a hit in Discotheques on it's initial release. The record was a huge success and has been sampled, edited and re-appropriated countless times, it even captured the ears and minds of the nascent Hip Hop movement that was brewing in New Yorks Bronx neighbourhoods a few years after it's release with Afrika Bambaataa including it on his game changing "Death Mix" session with Jazzy Jay in 1983.
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