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Modern Warfare III

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XLT 732EP3 - Vinyl 12"

Année : 2015

Condition : Neuf

10,99 €
The third in the Modern Warfare series of Paul Woolford's Special Request alias for killer UK throwback sounds. The smashing Amen breakbeat and acid bassline of "Tractor Beam" is unashamedly indebted to early nineties UK hardcore, what a homage. "Elegy" slows things down on this smooth deep jam with its garage rhythm and beautiful symphonies but still features the most violently ripping sub bass line. Finally, Woolford does it again just like he did with "Simulation" on EP2, paying proper homage to '94 on "Peak Dub" whose breakbeats smash about all over the shop complete with rewinds and sirens.
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