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EVA (808)


Power Station

PS007 - Vinyl 12"

Année : 2019

Condition : Neuf

14,00 €
Dawns early shadows by Berlin’s UBahn Platforms, desperately running from his own shadow into the arms of a lover not found. EVA is a warm soul from the past trapped in a ice cold city reliving a modern Neues Sehen. We are proud to present his fragile story & namesake ep / single title ‘EINSAM’ which, In our opinion, is a romantic-wave masterpiece. Flip to the B side, the beginning of EVA’s loveless story actually starts here with ‘The Gitter’ Gearing to machine funk territory and a naive outlook on what could be in-store for him. Finally P808 Takes us into the (sub) consciousness of his mind, just as the 808 in the name suggest, toms pulsate like his brain scanning neurons over and over, searching for the answer, ‘Who will …who will love me?’
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