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Musik For Autobahns 2

Rush Hour

RHM 018 LP - Vinyl 2LP

Année : 2015

Condition : Neuf

19,99 €
[ one per costumer ] A fresh and exclusive collection of music compiled by Gerd Janson. Music For Autobahns 2, Ambient Race Car Music!! So, what awaits you on the second edition of a compilation that claims in a winking to present “ambient race car music”? Exactly what it says on the tin. A fresh and exclusive collection of music that hopefully sounds as great in a car as it will in the comfort zone of your own living-room or during dusk and dawn in your favorite club environment (see Bicep and Fort Romeau for further reference). But first and foremost it is truly inspired by many trips on the Autobahn between Frankfurt and Heidelberg. Going to and fro from one club to the other, was the way to spend countless hours of adolescence in excitement instead of tedious purposelessness. But I will not bother you with droll stories of my youth
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