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Il Sogno Di Carmen

Les Disques Magnétiques

LDM 002 - Vinyl 12"

Année : 2020

Condition : Neuf

16,00 €
Recorded mostly as a live-jam, august 2019, « Il Sogno di Carmen » is the result of a solitary producer meeting anomad musician. A brand new friendship. From there, the duo leads us to a spontaneous and fragile holiday story that yet manages to frame, with a sometimes mischievous
accuracy, the current Genevan musical spirit : experimental, sincere, hybrid and hot.

“I have no idea where this will lead us. But I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange. Deep into summer, most definitely. The season of torrid bodies, of slowed down movements ; where melancholy creeps in the form of light and inconstant paragraphs, italian-style.
Dragged around in hedonistic reunions, spiritual vagrancies and the soothing coolness of the Rhone river, Carmen is smooth and juvenile. She loosens up. Nothing is important. It can wait. Him too, you mainly. Geneva in the tropics, Bongo Joe on the terrace, stolen emerald glances & air-conditioned airports. That’s it. A wonderful and insignifiant story.”
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