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Golden Dog (Soundtrack)

Mitsuko & Svetlana

MITSUKO 005 - Vinyl LP

Année : 2020

Condition : Neuf

28,00 €
Archival reissue of highly sought-after 1979 soundtrack from funky maestro Yuji Ohno, the genius jazz player/composer behind the music of Lupin III (?????) and Capitaine Future (?????·??????) and much much more. Big grooves, irresistible basslines, horns for days, funk for-ever. This superb piece of music from the legendary Toho Records catalogue is a MUST HAVE for fans of Japanese gems. It’s the original soundtrack of Shigeyuki Amane’s excellent TV movie Golden Dog (Ôgon No Inu). With a secret agent dog carrying secret documents. Last appearance by the one and only Reiko Ike! Highly recommended to everyone who loves good dogs and good music. Points of interests - For fans of funk, jazz, Japanese music, rare groove, boogie, 70s soundtracks, rare gems, WRWTFWW Records, Lupin III, library music, and beautiful dogs.

Rare gem reissued on vinyl for the first time since 1979. - Fifth release from Mitsuko & Svetlana Records (Bells of Koyto, Masahiko Sato - Kayobi No Onna, Piero Milesi - The Nuclear Observatory of Mr. Nanof, Sora - Re.sort), distributed by friends WRWTFWW Records (Midori Takada’s Through The Looking Glass, Lunar Cruise and MWKAJU en-semble’s projects, Kenji Kawai’s Ghost in the Shell Original Soundtrack, Yasuaki Shimizu’s Kakas-hi, John Carpenter’s Dark Star Soundtrack, Piero Umiliani’s Tra Scienza e Fantascienza and Il Mon-do Dei Romani, Bernard Parmegiani soundtracks, Colored Music’s self-titled album, EP-4’s Lingua Franca-1, Normal Brain’s Lad
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